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Question: What is "Angry Dragon" Blowjob?
Answer: To begin with, it is better to refrain from ejaculation for at least a couple of days. Let your girlfriend give you a blowjob in any way that is pleasant for you. When you are about to finish, grab her by the neck tightly and push her cock into her throat as deep as possible. Do not be afraid - she will not be able to bite him in this condition. The bottom line is to block the air, causing a cough reflex. A large volume of your semen will inevitably be thrown out through the nasopharynx. After that, the girl’s head can be released. With this technique, you will enjoy the sight of two dangling sperm strings hanging from her nostrils, which is very similar to the long whiskers of eastern dragons.

Question: What is a blowjob called "Captain Flint"?
Answer: To get it, you need to end up hooking the prostitute in the eye, after which she will look at you with one eye, the second will be covered with sperm like a bandage on a one-eyed pirate!

Question: What does the term "Dutch helm" mean?
Answer: The Dutch helm is when a partner grabs your penis with her hand, and you, in turn, grab her hand and begin to masturbate.

Question: What is Viagra?
Answer: Viagra is the first oral drug for male impotence. It works by dilating blood vessels in the penis, allowing the inflow of blood needed for an erection.
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